Redhill Junior And Infant School

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Science Curriculum

AutumnSpringSummer (Joyning the Learning Summer 2)
Year 1Humans Sound and HearingAnimalsEveryday MaterialsPlantsLight and DarkSeasons
Year 2Health and GrowthElectricityForces and MotionGrouping/Changing Materials; Food Chains (farm)Minibeasts / HabitatsGrowing Plants
Year 3Helping Plants grow wellMagnets and SpringsRocks and SoilsTeeth and EatingLight, Shadows and Sounds
Year 4HabitatsFood chains and DigestionElectricitySolids, Liquids and separationSolids, liquids and gases
Year 5Living Things / Life CyclesEarth and SpaceForcesAnimals and HumansChanging MaterialsRevision
Year 6Living Things and their Habitats

Animals including Humans

Evolution and InheritanceLight and Shadows, ElectricityTesting Revision