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Au nom de Mme Hilton, du personnel et des enfants, bienvenue à Redhill!

At Redhill School, we have chosen French as our MFL language study!  Our curriculum focuses on speaking and listening with reading and writing. This includes practising spoken language to improve pronunciation and fluency and studying the written form of the language.

We include French songs and rhymes into our whole school weekly song practice and children enjoy taking part in activities during our themed days such as European Modern Languages Day and Bastille Day.  Where possible, we link our French topics to the Creative Curriculum such as Living Things and their Habitats in Science (see our knowledge curriculum map below). 

Here is a video of Miss Sullivan and Miss Fox leading our pupils in a French numbers song during assembly. The video is above if you want to join in! 

MFL (French) Curriculum Map 

Below, you can see the knowledge taught at each stage of the year. Please see each year group's topic webs for more information:

Useful French websites:

Practice your French here!