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PSHE Curriculum at Redhill

PSHE Long term overview 2021


At Redhill Primary School all classes from Reception to Year six follow PSHE Curriculum.  This is delivered via SCARF CORAM LIFE Education programme. It is designed to link in with PSHE Association programmes of study. SCARF is a framework consisting of lesson plans, online planning and assessment tools to embed a comprehensive PSHE and Wellbeing programme throughout the primary years. SCARF is a whole-school approach to promoting behaviour, safety, achievement and wellbeing.


SCARF Coram Life Education is the leading provider of health, wellbeing and drugs education to almost half a million children across the UK. It is delivered using interactive, creative methods and resources to stimulate curiosity and imagination amongst children.


SCARF stands for Safety, Caring, Achievement, Resilience and Friendship.


This programme takes a three strand approach addressing children’s knowledge, skills and attitudes, and is aligned with the National Curriculum (Citizenship, PSHE Education), covering all Key Stages.


SCARF Coram Life Education helps schools meet their statutory requirements for children’s Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural development, and Ofsted inspection criteria for personal development, behaviour and welfare.


It is delivered under the strapline ‘Helping Children Make Healthy Choices’. Recognising the role of the community and home life in influencing children’s choices. The programme is designed for schools to provide a whole-school approach to building these essential foundations – crucial for children to achieve their best, academically and socially.


Find out about SCARF Online education by following the link below:


Bloomsbury's Little Book of Hopes

Bloomsbury have published a beautiful edition of short stories and poems written to support mental health and promote hope. There are three copies in our KS2 class libraries and you can read it for free here: