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We intend our curriculum to be broad and balanced, equipping our pupils with a breadth of knowledge and skills in order to equip them to become confident, resilient and aspirational life-long learners and members of society. It is tailored to meet the needs of those of our community, ensuring equality of access for all learners and promoting opportunities to challenge and enrich learning through a breadth of enjoyable learning experiences.



Our curriculum is arranged into topics which build on previous learning experiences and skills.  For each subject we explicitly identified this progression in knowledge and skills, and as a whole staff we used this to make strategic decisions about the depth and content of what we cover. From this we have developed our long term overview ensuring that we include a range of enrichment opportunities (eg. themed weeks, days, national events.) When our teachers plan the curriculum, they think not just about what we should learn and how we should learn it, but also how they can bring in an understanding of their role as global citizens and the wider world. They do this through the understanding of values, as well as an understanding of the rights of the child. Our school is a Rights Respecting School and the articles are referenced in assemblies, in the teaching of PSHE, HRE and other curriculum subjects, as well as being on display around the school so the children and staff can refer to them. The rights of the child are an integral part of curriculum and are embedded in our learning.

All topics have a clear starting point and teachers use sequences of learning to shape their lessons using a variety of teaching techniques and matching this to the unique characteristics of the school and the pupils interests. This is then developed into medium term planning. Subject leaders also identify a range of carefully chosen resources which support and shape the progression in learning.



Our curriculum is under regular review to ensure our pupils develop detailed knowledge and build on their skills in all areas of the curriculum. We have a full monitoring programme where curriculum leaders conduct lesson walkthroughs, pupil voice activities, and book looks to ensure the curriculum meets the needs of all learners. The impact is that children will be academically and physically prepared for life in secondary school and in Modern Britain and the world. Pupils’ are proud of their work and it is of a high quality. Skills derived are transferrable and can be used in a wide range of contexts in order to support them in their next stage of education and in life.



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