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Our Maths Curriculum

The Maths Curriculum at Redhill has been designed to support the aims and objectives of the National Curriculum and to ensure that every child has the opportunity to make progress and to achieve their potential.

We have developed our curriculum around the White Rose schemes of work to support a mastery approach to teaching and learning.  This mastery approach helps pupils explore and demonstrate mathematical ideas, enrich their learning experience and deepen understanding. Together, these elements help cement knowledge so pupils truly understand what they’ve learnt.

Concrete - Pictorial - Abstract

We believe that all children, when introduced to a new concept, should have the opportunity to build competency by taking this approach.

Concrete – Pupils are given the opportunity to use concrete objects and manipulatives to help them understand and explain what they are doing.

Pictorial – Pupils then build on this concrete approach by using pictorial representations, such as part whole models and bar models.  These representations can then be used to reason and solve problems.

Abstract – Pupils are then able to move to an abstract approach using numbers and key concepts with confidence.

Fluency, reasoning and problem solving.

In our planning we ensure that children are taught and given the opportunities to develop these three competencies.


Fluency is not only knowing key mathematical facts relating to an objective and being able to recall them quickly and accurately.

True fluency in maths means being able to apply the same skill to multiple contexts, and being able to choose the most appropriate method for a particular task.

To be competent in fluency, pupils need to use a range of representations to ensure that they understand and have sufficient time to practise what is taught.


Mathematical reasoning is the process of applying logical thinking to a situation to derive the correct problem solving strategy for a given question - and using this method to develop and describe a solution.

 Problem solving

Mathematical problem solving is at the heart of our approach. Problem solving in maths is the ability to read and interpret a particular problem and decide upon the best strategy to find the solution to the problem. It includes being able to discuss possible approaches, trying out different ideas and having the resilience to persist if a first attempt is not successful.

The ability to successfully problem solve requires us to have a deep understanding of content and fluency of facts and mathematical procedures. It also requires children to be able to reason.


Redhill Maths Policy

Redhill Calculation Policy (Addition and Subtraction)

Redhill Calculation Policy (Multiplication and Division)

Progression in Mathematical Vocabulary