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At Redhill, we follow a bespoke, creative curriculum approach, encouraging our children to be curious and interested in both world and British history and the wonderful history of Birmingham and our local area. 

When our termly topics are history based, we focus on teaching key knowledge, placing the time period studied firmly and recalling prior history units taught to deepen our sense of chronology. Vocabulary is embedded to build a history schema for each pupil and develop a core bank of historical words and phrases.

Our class trips include areas of historical interest in the West Midlands and we maintain close links with Webster and Horsfall, the founder of which first commissioned the building of our school in 1892.  Find out more about the history of our smashing school by clicking here

History Curriculum Map

Below, you can see the knowledge taught at each stage of the year. Please see each year group's topic webs for more information:

Interesting History links!

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