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Welcome to Year One's 'Home Learning' page!

 Hello Year One. I hope you are all okay and staying safe with your lovely families. I'm missing you all lots!


On this page you will find lots of exciting learning for you to try! Each week I will upload a 'home learning plan'. This will include Maths and English activities alongside learning that links to our topic of 'Castles'.


Remember to check our school twitter site for daily updates too! I will be posting all of the lessons and links on the twitter feed that feature on this page. If you can please share your learning on the twitter site, it would be lovely to see all of your hard work!


Keep up the fantastic work Year One. 


Mrs Stone


Well done to Inaaya, Zahra, Alexandra and Anya for sharing their fantastic work this week! I am very impressed. Remember Year One if you have completed any of our home learning challenges and would like to share them with us send them to Mrs Hilton at 

Reading comprehension challenge 

Read the information about growing a plant below and answer the questions.

  1. What do you think would happen if you planted a seed and put it in a cold, dark cupboard?
  2. What is germination?
  3. Where is the best place to grow a healthy plant? 
  4. Name the things that a plant needs to grow.
  5. What happens if a plant doesn't have enough water?

MATHS CHALLENGE: Mastery with greater depth


Can you solve the question below? How do you know what fraction of each shape is shaded? Are the shapes split into EQUAL parts? 

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