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At Redhill School we offer a rich and varied Computing curriculum incorporating all the new requirements of the National Curriculum. We have invested in new equipment to allow children access to iPads, laptops and digital recording equipment as an integrated part of their daily lessons. Working in partnership with the Local Authority ICT Advisory team, we have developed our own scheme of work which is personalised to our children and utilises our equipment across all subjects in a cross curricular approach. Staff have had specific training to ensure they are confident with new computing skills such as teaching computer programming and effective systems of monitoring the progress of children with these skills, including self-assessment.

The most important element of our Computing curriculum is raising children's awareness and understanding of keeping safe on line and how to report any issues which arrive.

We also aim to promote being a good digital citizen and have developed a program of Digital Leaders who support the younger children in developing their knowledge of safety and to promote an understanding of responsible internet use.

As part of our wider curriculum focus, we have been looking at real life examples of using technology in the workplace and Year 6 took part in an exciting trip to the Apple store to take part in a coding workshop:

Having introduced our own curriculum and scheme of work, we have recently been awarded with Link2ICT award 2018 for innovation in Schools. 

Computing Vocabulary Progression 

Computing is split into 5 different categories: E-Safety, Programming, Multimedia, Technology in Our Lives and Date Handling. Below is the vocabulary progression from Year 1 to Year 6.