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At Redhill School we celebrate the cultural and religious diversity of all of our pupils. Through the teaching of RE, we aim to promote the spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development of our children. We believe that all learners should develop mutual respect and understanding of the many different beliefs and cultures in Birmingham, the UK and the world.  We wish to promote an ethos of respect for others, challenge stereotypes and build understanding and appreciation of other cultures, beliefs, religious traditions and non-religious worldviews, in order to promote a positive and inclusive school community. 

Redhill follows the Birmingham City Council Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education (2022).

Through Religious Education we will enable all children to;

  • Learn from experience (their own and others),
  • Learn about Religious Traditions and Non-Religious worldviews,
  • Learn from Faith and Non-Religious worldviews
  • Learn to Discern

The syllabus encompasses a spiral curriculum of 24 dispositions which are built on across the key stages.
Religious Education includes teachings, traditions, practices and views from a range of religious traditions and non-religious worldviews which are represented throughout our school, our community, and reflect modern day Britain. We follow a scheme route which reflects that the majority of our children are Muslim. It is essential that children are taught enough about their own faith traditions and about the traditions and views of others so that they can respond with respect to the beliefs held by others

The children at Redhill enjoy RE and the discussions it enables. The disposition based learning evolves their moral and ethical understanding. Children are empowered to share their own experiences, beliefs and views, whilst also developing their own understanding of faith. They enjoy learning about other religions and world-wide views and understand what is important to those who follow them and to those who do not. They learn about the similarities between religions, as well as the differences and develop respect for the many different ways people chose to live their lives. 

 Our school overview and policy for RE is available below. If you have any further questions please feel free to speak to your child's class teacher.



RE Whole School Overview

Our curriculum overview shows how and  when the RE Dispositions are taught in relation to year group and term. This includes a brief outline of the knowledge taught within each unit of work. The spiral curriculum shows how dispositions are revisited. 

Year 2 visit to St Cyprian Church Feb 2023
As part of their learning on the disposition of 'participating and willing to lead' , Year 2 visited our local church of St Cyprian. The focus for the visit was to learn about and answer the questions- how does a church work together? and what do Church leaders do? The children enjoyed exploring the church and talking to the Reverend Alex and the Church Warden about their roles. 

Year 3 visit to St. Cyprian Church Christmas 2022.      

Year 3 visited St. Cyprian Church which is our local parish church.  The children enjoyed exploring features and objects around the church, learning their names and what they mean to Christian people.  The Reverend talked about services around Christmas time and how Christmas is celebrated within the Christian faith.  

A lovely visit from Sarah (Birmingham City Mission) in Assembly today.