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Design & Technology


Welcome to Redhill’s Design and Technology Page!


D&T in primary schools develops young children’s skills and knowledge in design, structures,

mechanisms, electrical control and a range of materials, including food. D&T encourages

children's creativity and encourages them to think about important issues.

DATA (The Design & Technology Association)


At Redhill, we believe that ‘Design and Technology’ is a way of learning which has its roots in imaginative play, art and science.  We want all children at to think innovatively, to question and explore the practical world around them and to develop a positive and passionate approach to their learning, through creative designs and products. Teaching staff lead design technology lessons taking into consideration the needs of children with SEND and the most able, enabling all children to access our broad and balanced curriculum and to feel confident in their design decisions. Children understand how to apply their technical knowledge and justify their design decisions using key vocabulary. We encourage our pupils to complete the process of learning Design and Technology by designing, testing, making and evaluating for each completed unit.


Redhill teaches the National Curriculum for Design and Technology, attached below, our broad and balanced creative curriculum supports pupils to achieve their full potential through opportunities and experiences. Redhill creative curriculum approach, enables pupils to take part in a wide range of practical activities directly concerned with:

  • Designing
  • Making
  • Evaluating
  • Technical knowledge
  • Food hygiene


To assess that children have learnt more and remember more as they move through the design process, assessment for learning is embedded across the school and can be seen in all year groups and in all lessons, meeting the needs of all children.  Pupils regularly share their design decisions through teacher-led and peer-based discussions. Children can demonstrate their understanding and develop their technical design skills demonstrating various points in the design cycle in working sketch/design in their CC books. Pupils carry out self and peer assessments at the end of a design project to gauge their understanding and to assess their own progress. This also provides teachers with vital information that can be used to develop and improve the learning experience for all children at Redhill Primary School. 

At Redhill, we follow the National Curriculum for Design and Technology. We ensure progression of skills and knowledge by following the ‘Projects on a Page’ scheme. In addition to this, we ensure the scheme is made bespoke to the pupils at Redhill by adapting it in line with our Creative Curriculum.


If you would like to explore the scheme of work we use, please click on the link below:


Any questions about Design and Technology, then ask your class teacher or see Mrs Thikri (Design and Technology Lead).




Design & technology programmes of study: key stages 1 and 2

Design & Technology Policy

Design & Technology CURRICULUM Knowledge MAP 2022-23