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Our Loving Naseem!



Naseem was a very special lady, colleague, friend and member of our community; and I speak on behalf of everyone when I say that we feel truly blessed to have known her.

Naseem had the unique ability to be able to communicate with everyone, from professionals, parents, community members, friends and of course children. She always made time to talk, and listen, and was highly respected and loved by everyone.

Because she was such a respected member of the community, she gave a voice and a listening ear to parents and their concerns, and in turn they would listen to her advice and support (even when she was telling them off!)

Naseem liaised with many external agencies and professionals, arranging opportunities for our children and parents and she was a loyal ambassador for Redhill. She was passionate about doing her best for the children and families of Redhill.

Naseem was also full of fun with a cracking sense of humour and a twinkle in her eye. Even when faced with health challenges she would always have a smile on her face. She loved her social gatherings, whether it be meals out with the staff or coffee mornings with parents.

Naseem always talked with such love about her family, her husband (who she so tragically lost) and her gorgeous children who she was so proud of. She also talked about her family in Batley and would often travel up and down the motorway at weekends to visit them.

Naseem also her loved her football and cricket and would often be found discussing match outcomes on a Monday morning. She was passionate about cooking for her family and friends and would often treat us to delicious recipes and treats, and give us tips on the best ingredients to use.

Naseem will never be forgotten at Redhill. We remember her with love and affection every day…. I often hear “Naseem would have said this…” or “Naseem would have known…”

Quite honestly, she was the ‘heart’ of Redhill.